Our Car Detailing Services

Headlight Restoration

Having clean and clear headlights allow you to drive safely and accurately. Over time, rain, grime, and dirt cloud up your headlights, making it both hard for you to see while driving as well as hard for others to see you! Stay safe on the road by letting our headlight restoration experts clean up your plastic covers and making them as clear as when they were first put in. A clear headlight is the best headlight, so give us a call now to get started.

Exterior And Interior Detailing

To make your car look the best it's ever been, trust it in the hands of The Shine Shop 559. To protect our customers and employees, we are disinfecting all cars from the inside out. Every touch point will be paid extra special attention to in order to stop the spread of any colds, germs, of bacteria. Our thorough team has an attention to detail that is unmatched in our industry, meaning no inch of your car will ever be left unclean. Call our team now to learn more about our pricing details or scroll down to see the set packages.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Allow your vehicle to run cooler and smoother by letting our expert team remove all the built up gunk on your engine bay. From dirt to oil to grease, and anything else in between, your engine can become run down with excess dirt. The Shine Shop 559 is here to restore your engine bay visually and functionally to its former glory. Let us make your engine look as good as when it first got dropped off at the car lot.

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Other Services

✔ Water Spot Removal
✔ Odor Elimination
✔ Pet Hair Removal